Questions asked and answers seeked. Looking for solutions is not about the answers we seek but the questions we ask ourselves everyday. One’s success in life lies by not the answers one seek but the questions one asks the universe. The universe is diverse and therefore one has to be diverse in their thinking in order to find solutions to this complicated universe. It is a little easier when you maintain a selfless attitude towards your problem solving approach because it helps to maintain a broader mindset in your problem solving solution. We are on a journey and where we started from, how and where we going to end. We do not know but the solace in this mystery is we know exactly where we are standing at this very moment and have the capacity to remember what was broken in our life, change the direction if its wrong, resolve what is not, reconcile our differences, and maintain a rational self analysis as and when it is necessary. Show up and step up when you are not asked. Maintain a consensus approach always using such pronouns as “WE” “OURS” “US” towards problem solving solutions. When we stop looking at other blacks as their problems, then we begin to share our problems and we begin to share the size of the problems. The problems lose its weight on us. This allows us to move forward faster with a lighter burden. Remember “IS NOT THE ANSWERS WE SEEK BUT THE QUESTIONS WE ASK.”

-BAFFOUR 2.9.2021

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